Cera graduated from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Science degree. She continued her education at UD obtaining her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Her unique experiences during the physical therapy program provide her with strong manual therapy skills, an appreciation for the importance of educating the community and integrating research in practice. She is also very passionate about research. She has published two poster presentations at APTA's Combined Sections Meeting on 3D motion capture data. She was recently published in Journal of Clinical Biomechanics with study titled "Three-dimensional hip and knee kinematics during walking, running and single-limb drop landing in females with and without genu-valgum". Her special interests include foot and ankle. Her independent study in her PT program focused on custom foot orthotics and gait analysis. Cera strives to integrate her knowledge of biomechanics, manual skills and design specific exercises in order to get patients back exceedingly well.