How Physical Therapy Can Help

Your OPPT Physical Therapist will conduct a detailed evaluation to determine patient symptoms, deficits, lifestyle changes, environmental sensitivities and avoidance behaviors. The Physical Therapist will utilize this information to develop a patient specific physical therapy program focused on graded exposure and lifestyle modification post-concussion. Follow up physical therapy treatment will include reassessment of progress toward goals, progression of exercise, and an updated home exercise program.

Treatment: Combination of Vestibular and Exertive Interventions

Vestibular Based Interventions

  • Static and dynamic balance training
  • Vision training (saccades, convergence, VOR)
  • Habituation training (dizziness, headaches, environmental sensitivity)
  • Gaze Stabilization

Exertion Based Interventions

  • Baseline vital sign assessment with exertion testing
  • Detailed home exercise program prescription with gradual increase in intensity
  • Graded return to cardiovascular exercises, plyometrics, agility and resistance training
  • Progression to return to sport/job specific training


  • Treatment provided by an OPPT Physical Therapist with specialized concussion management training utilizing an evidenced-based treatment approach
  • Examination includes monocular infrared goggles for vestibular testing (Bayside Location only)